Fair Market Value and Physician Compensation: Defining the regulatory landscape

July 23, 2020

Published in MGMA, July 2020 as Part 1 of a 3 part series on Fair Market Value (FMV) and Physician Compensation.

Physician transactions are highly regulated by federal law, a variety of state-specific fraud and abuse statutes and governmental agencies. The activities and transactions of most physicians in private practice and those employed by health systems are impacted by these regulations.   Setting these transactions at fair market value (FMV), will help ensure that physicians and health systems safely navigate through the potential compliance pitfalls.

Read more here to further understand why FMV is important to you.

By Joe Aguilar, MBA, MPH, MSN, CVA

Joe Aguilar  is a Partner with HMS Valuation Partners in Atlanta, GA

Copyright 2020 , a publication of the Medical Group Management Association.  Vol 20, No 3


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