Come Make
a Splash.


Unique opportunity

HMS Valuation Partners has specialized in transaction advisory services to the healthcare industry for nearly 23 years. We know there are other transaction advisory firms out there. We also know you have a choice in where you lay your roots down to build your career. While we recognize that the right fit is different for everyone, we think we have something special to offer to many.

Having been around the block a few times in 23 years, we’ve seen a lot and have gathered a respectable client base that brings to the table a variety of engaging and challenging projects. Many of us have something to teach, while all of us are eager to learn. While both are valued at HMS, we all bring a unique skill set to the mix and our clients have come to recognize the value we add beyond the numbers.


You’ll be valued

While we deliver value to our clients, our staff and professionals experience similar value through a culture that promotes self-starters, smart thinkers, an inquisitive nature and dedicated professionals. Our environment encourages teamwork and a collaborative blending of skills given our collegial makeup and trust in one another. The results have been the delivery of ethical and quality-driven valuation and consulting services, a high level of team continuity and virtually no turnover, with a little fun mixed in for good measure. And we should mention, even though we take pride in having an all-star team, there are no all-star attitudes.

Advance your career

We are always looking for bright, savvy professionals who are interested in delivering value beyond the numbers.

If you have an excellent academic record, a strong interest in healthcare valuation and consulting, and a driving desire to be a unique member of our team, please complete the online form and attach your resume to request more information about employment opportunities with HMS Valuation Partners.

For more information, please email .


Building Relationships Beyond the Numbers

With 3 young girls, my family looks forward to our get togethers outside of work where we get to bond with our co-workers and their families. During my 15+ years with the company we have enjoyed BBQs, birthday parties, and other family outings. I am looking forward to many more times to come

– Mike V..

Gaining Knowledge and Building Careers

From the beginning, HMS has carefully selected each staff member to join our team and have been fortunate to have little to no turnover. With employees having an average of 10+ years with our firm, we have seen our team attain advanced degrees, such as MBAs, MHAs, MSN, etc. along with professional certifications from NACVA and ASA.

– Don C. .

Providing and Environment for Professional Growth Opportunities

Since joining HMS Valuation Partners 4 years ago, I have been involved in hundreds of healthcare transactions. From the start, our senior consultants have mentored me and encouraged me to develop new skills, learn new valuation methodologies, and attain national certifications. I appreciate the confidence our firm has in each of us and the opportunities to grow professionally.

– Phil C..

Delivering Client-Centered Service

As a firm, our strong analytical skills in deriving value in complex transactions is matched with our commitment to provide each client with the personalized, client-centered service they deserve. It is our dedicated, competent team members who make this happen for each and every one of our clients. Always.

– Wade B..

Teamwork First

Our company always stresses teamwork through our different departments. We are fortunate to have a team with such varied professional experiences and talents. When working through complex projects, I always appreciate my other team members and the perspective & knowledge they offer to improve the analysis and the ultimate valuation for our clients. Reviewing our work from various perspectives strengthens our results.

– Joe A..

Recognizing Integrity in Our Work

Our firm consistently recognizes and rewards the efforts and integrity of its employees. Thorough market research, thoughtful attention to detail, and an unbiased analysis rooted in consistency and valuation theory are the building blocks of our consulting and transaction advisory services. It’s nice to know that all that extra effort is greatly appreciated not only by the clients we serve, but by our team as well.

– Rob H..

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