August 13, 2019
Adding more value to serve you better are the following individuals:


KEVIN SMITH joins our Real Estate Valuation team with over 35 years of experience as an appraiser having completed nearly 1,000 real estate appraisal assignments. With a primary focus on providing Fair Market Value opinions to ensure compliance with Stark Laws, Kevin’s expertise includes not only real estate appraisals, but rental rate analyses, feasibility, due diligence, consulting and appraisal reviews. Types of properties Kevin has valued include medical offices, timeshare suites, hospitals, specialty hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, rehabilitation, outpatient, laboratory, diagnostic and land.



EDUARDO ANDRES RICKS joins HMS Valuation Partners as a Certified Public Accountant. In his role at HMS, he conducts analysis and market research to establish the Fair Market Value associated with all goods and services (space, furniture and equipment, and other services) provided in Timeshare lease valuation arrangements, as well as performs financial statement analysis and forecasting for business valuation engagements. Eduardo primarily works with medical facilities seeking to sublease shared medical office space. As a CPA, he is trained to analyze financial data, and as a gifted and experienced communicator, enjoys interpreting and communicating complex information to any audience and clientele.




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