Georgia Hospital Association: Complex Physician – Hospital Transactions

September 2, 2022

HMS Valuation Partners served as the Platinum Sponsor to the 2022 GHA – Healthcare Compliance Retreat

Joe Aguilar presented on Complex Physician-Hospital Transactions: Successfully navigating the ever changing terrain

The session explored effective strategies to ensure compliance across various types of transactions.  The discussion centered around increasing understanding of the national compensation survey and the appropriate application of the data in determining the fair market value (FMV) of various common physician-hospital transactions.  We reviewed specific transactions:

  • ER Call Coverage Services
  • Medical Directorship Services
  • APP Use & Compliance
  • Acquisitions / Business Valuations

Key takeaways included:

  1. FMV compensation is subject agreement-specific, facility-specific, physician-specific, etc.  The facts and circumstances define the value.
  2. Identify the key value drivers associated with each transaction.  Understanding the drivers of value will help identify any necessary adjustments to compensation.
  3. Recognize the applicability of survey data to the transaction under review.  Make every effort to align the compensation reported in the surveys with the compensation terms in the agreement.
  4. Post-transaction physician compensation is material to the value of the enterprise on a going concern.

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