Deborah Wilder
Deborah Wilder

Deborah Wilder

Research Associate
1100 Poydras Street, Suite 2900, New Orleans LA 70163

Value At Work


Deborah Wilder (“Debbie”) joined HMS Valuation Partners in 2019 and provides research support for the fair market value (FMV) rate associated with all goods and services (space, furniture, equipment, and other services) utilized in medical office timeshare lease valuation arrangements. She also provides analysis and market research for fixed asset valuations and fixed asset lease rate valuations.

She primarily works with medical facilities looking to sublease shared medical office space—either as the Lessor leasing to 3rd party physicians, or as the Lessee sending employed physicians to 3rd party facilities. These timeshare leases require correspondence with multiple parties, including hospital administrators, property managers, and service vendors, to compile the details of each unique arrangement and produce a vetted fair market value report.


After graduating from Vision International University with a B.A, Debbie went on to work as a Senior Quality Specialist for several years. In this role, she focused on the intersection between people, product, and process to ensure the desired outcome. Specifically, she improved the equipment management process by implementing an inventory database to log and keep track of all quality-controlled materials.

Critical Value

Debbie developed important detail-oriented skills in her previous position that has carried over to HMS. Her thoroughness and “outside the box” thinking helps her to provide significant contribution to the fair market value development process. She also has an eagerness to learn and grow which has made her a valuable team member.

Value Outside Work

My favorite things to do as a kid were. . .
Being active and immersing myself in the outdoors. I loved playing volleyball, riding bikes on mountain trails with friends, snowboarding, and playing pick-up games of basketball with my dad.

As a big kid, I like to. . .
Spend time with my husband and kids. I enjoy working out, rollerblading, and eating out with friends. I love to bake cookies, and monster cookies are by far one of favorites to make.

One of the things I hope to do. . .
Is travel more with my family. I want to plan a road trip to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, visit Mount Rushmore, the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, and Switzerland.

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