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In today’s healthcare environment, the value of the fixed assets has become a key component to the acquisition or divestiture of a healthcare entity. In many cases, the value of the fixed assets may exceed the value of the business enterprise utilizing other valuation approaches. Fixed assets include both tangible and intangible assets. Tangible assets most commonly transacted include medical equipment, furniture, office equipment, information technology (IT) equipment, supplies, software, and leasehold improvements. Intangible assets most commonly transacted include trade name and trademarks, trained and assembled workforce, website, and telephone numbers.

After 20 years in the healthcare valuation industry and having completed nearly 2,000 fixed asset valuations, HMS Valuation Partners has extensive experience and a clear understanding of the industry complexities. With this combination, our clients consistently trust us to provide accurate and reliable fixed asset valuations for transactional arrangements of monetary value between physicians, hospitals and other healthcare related entities.

Valuation and Consulting Services in the following areas:

Capital Assets (machinery & equipment, furniture)


Telephone Numbers

Trade Name & Trademark

Trained and Assembled Workforce



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