Capital Assets (machinery & equipment, furniture)

healthcare value
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With heightened regulations and fluctuating markets in which healthcare entities operate today, healthcare valuation practices must be aligned with general valuation principles, as well as industry specific regulatory concerns such as Stark and Anti-Kickback laws. Accurate valuations for capital assets, which include medical equipment, furniture, office equipment, IT equipment, supplies, software, and leasehold improvements, are critical when considering the overall valuation of the organization.

Accurate and Defensible

The primary focus of any capital asset valuation engagement performed by HMS Valuation Partners is to provide an accurate and defensible third-party valuation opinion for our clients.  HMS Valuation Partners follows the fundamentals provided by the American Society of Appraisers, which includes utilizing the cost, market, and income approaches to value. Through thorough research, data compilation and analysis, our capital asset valuation team identifies and dissects the many complex market drivers that impact the value of an asset. This relentless pursuit to uncover critical market data not apparent on the surface differentiates HMS Valuation Partners and provides our clients the confidence and trust they need to remain compliant. Our focus is always on providing a product that meets the needs and objectives of our clients.


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