Hospital-based Service Line Coverage Agreements

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With a goal towards increasing quality of care, while containing costs, hospitals and healthcare systems are focusing on reducing lengths of stay, decreasing complication rates, and cutting readmission rates.

One such model effective at accomplishing this has been to purchase hospital-based service line coverage from physicians and/or clinical management groups. As these partnerships continue to evolve, HMS Valuation Partners utilizes sound valuation approaches to deliver reliable FMV opinions in such specialty areas as:

  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalist Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Surgical Specialties Coverage
  • OB Hospitalist / Laborist
  • Neonatology
  • Radiology
  • Emergency Medicine and others.

Providing Consultative Services Beyond the Fair Market Valuation

Related to cost containment, HMS Valuation Partners delivers a valuation report that not only provides FMV guidance, but also has operational and financial information useful to our clients for negotiation purposes. Our practice is to provide both valuation and consultative services through the approaches and methodologies utilized. Our report will not only provide validation of the Contractor’s data, but will also yield useful benchmarking information (subject to information provided by Facility and Contractor) such as:

  • Projected Revenue for the service
  • Service-Line coverage by restricted and/or un-restricted staffing
  • Impact on Physician and/or Midlevel coverage
  • Physician/Midlevel Compensation derived from financial, operational, and production metrics

Information in our report allows your team to negotiate the compensation rate for the coverage based on the specific benchmarking analysis, rather than solely relying on the Contractor data. As a result, our clients have saved millions of dollars in professional services agreement costs through justifying reductions in contract compensation.


Joe Aguilar

Partner—MBA, MPH, MSN, CVA

Don Crawford

Partner—MBA, CVA

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