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Timeshare leasing arrangements are not new to the healthcare industry. However, over the years, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has become increasingly skeptical of the concept and has implemented stringent regulations with numerous amendments.

Medical office timeshares are medical office space lease arrangements between a landlord and tenant. The space is leased in defined blocks of time and can be either partially or exclusively utilized. The services provided by the landlord to the tenant vary by individual arrangement, and can include office space, furniture & equipment, clerical and/or clinical staff, medical and office supplies, and an array of other services. The administration of Stark-compliant timeshare lease arrangements is challenging due to the regulatory mandates, technical requirements, operational issues and extensive variables unique to each timeshare arrangement.

Accountability and Trust

HMS Valuation Partners are highly skilled in navigating these complex arrangements and have delivered over 2,000 comprehensive fair market timeshare lease valuations encompassing all aspects of the arrangements. We have earned our clients’ trust that the FMV we provide is exhaustive, defendable under the Stark law and has accounted for all costs, accurate space allocations, short-term premiums, and terms of the timeshare arrangement.

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Space Sharing Timeshare Arrangements

Timeshare Agreements Review

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